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Housing and Building Renovation Festival 2011
In this exhibition in Yogyakarta (Central Java), PT. Eternit Gresik has emphasised on the benefits of its Kalsi lightweight and earthquake resistant construction systems and Eter roofing solutions.

The asbestos-free Kalsi boards and asbestos-free Eter fiber-cement corrugated roofing sheets are more and more popular in Indonesia.

Many actors in the construction market from all Indonesian regions and from several Asian countries have visited the PT. Eternit Gresik booth. Our team has been proud to welcome them all and to help them in their various construction and renovation projects.

Many of the visitors to PT. Eternit Gresik booth have shown their enthusiasm, and the design as well as the attractiveness of the booth has been rewarded by their vote: PT. Eternit Gresik was granted this year again with an award.