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The best installation practice for KalsiFloor 20
The best installation practice for KalsiFloor 20
KalsiFloor 20

KalsiFloor 20 is a 20 mm thick sub-flooring board, for interior applications, for houses, apartments,and for public buildings with a heavy traffic.

When screwed on an adapted metal frame (design adapted to the expected live load and other parameters), KalsiFloor 20 allows the quick preparation of a structure for the construction of mezzanines, additional storeys... The system is the best alternative to a bricks and mortar or concrete structure, thanks to its lighter weight, easier and cleaner implementation, higher flexibility, earthquake resistance.

When used for trafficable floors, KalsiFloor 20 has to be covered by a mortar or a concrete screed (and tiled), as it is not resistant to abrasion and impacts.

The load of the KalsiFloor 20 system,
when installed is 800 kg per framing
module of 600 x 1200 mm.