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PT. Eternit Gresik was established in 1971 and started its operations in 1973. The Company is a leading fibre cement producer and produces its entire product range without asbestos in Indonesia (100% asbestos free).

PT. Eternit Gresik has always been one of the key players in Indonesia in the field of fibre cement roofing sheets under the Eter brand for various housing, industrial and agricultural buildings applications.
A complete range of boards, under the Kalsi brand has been developed since 2001, for ceiling, partition, external cladding, facade and flooring applications, and PT. Eternit Gresik has become the Indonesia market leader in this category.

The head office and factory are located in Gresik - East Java, close to Surabaya. The sales activities in Indonesia are operated through a well established network of distributors.
PT. Eternit Gresik is exporting its asbestos free building boards to many countries in Asia, such as to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and also to Europe and America.